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Please understand that we do not answer questions regarding whether our products will cure illnesses or diseases.  We work closely with Dr. Miller and are an authorized distributor of his products, but he is the Holistic practitioner.  Dr. Miller will see clients by appointment in his Jackson, TN clinic. 

Holy Tea™ & Miracle Tea™

Q1. How does the tea work?

Q2. Is Holy Tea™ safe for children? If so, what is the recommended amount of consumption?

Q3.  Where are the herbs grown and are they organic?

Q4. Where are Dr. Miller’s tea bags made?

Q5. What is the difference in Holy Tea™ and Miracle Tea™?

Q6. Will drinking Holy or Miracle Tea help with Candida yeast? 

Q7 Why does your Holy Tea™ packaging have “YouTHIN™” on the label?

Q7a When is the best time to take Holy Tea?

Q7b Is it OK to drink Holy Tea if taking other medication?

Q7c Why is it recommended that tea be consumed with meals?


Q8. Why does color vary in YouTHIN capsules and pills?

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Q9. When are orders shipped and how long does it take to receive products?

Q10. Is my credit card safe when placing an order?

Q11. Do you offer a discount for large purchases?

Q12. Do you offer gift certificates?

Q13. What is your refund policy?


A1.  There is no longer much debate in the scientific community about the link between toxic exposure and weight gain.  Study after study confirms that chemicals added to foods, as well as industrial pollutants in the air and water, slow fat-burning metabolic rate, plus hinder the function of the liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system and other weight-controlling organ systems.  Dr. Miller's Tea detoxifies your body to cleanse organs in order to release trapped toxins that slow metabolism, block production of fat-burning lipase enzymes and disrupt blood sugar.  By targeting these weight-controlling organs, you can shuttle their stored toxins to the colon, where they can be properly neutralized and excreted.  Additionally, Dr. Miller's Tea breaks down the old, hardened, uneliminated waste that is stored in your colon creating bacteria and toxins that poison your body.  I know - it's pretty GROSS, but that’s how and why the tea works!!  Hence, weight loss is simply a bonus to drinking Dr. Miller's Tea.  The real benefit is a healthier body!!  This is why there are so many testimonies about Holy Tea creating more energy in individuals and curing a myriad of ailments.

Results vary in individuals.  Diet and exercise will make a difference in results.

A2.  Dr. Miller recommends the following amounts of Holy Tea for children:

0   - 25 lbs        1 teaspoon in the evening (mix with juice, if desired)
25 - 50 lbs        2 tsp in the evening
50 - 100 lbs      4 oz in the evening (you may gradually increase to 4 oz twice a day)
Over 100 lbs     follow adult recommendation

Start with small amounts to test results.  As with adults, amounts can be adjusted based on individual results.

A3.  Holy Tea herbs are organic and grown in the U.S.  We do not make our tea with herbs from China.

A4.  We have two resources; one in Georgia and one in Florida.

A5. Miracle Tea is similar to Dr. Miller's patented  Holy Tea but a little stronger. While similar, it has added ingredients of Sarsaparilla and Ginseng.

A6.         Simply put, Dr. Miller says that overgrowth of Candida yeast is a result of a dirty colon.  To clean the colon you should drink 8 oz of tea at least twice a day (with breakfast and dinner) and drink a glass of water with 1 tsp. of baking soda and 4 TBSP. Apple Cider Vinegar after every meal.

A7. Authentic Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea has always had YouTHIN on the label.  Holy Tea is only one product in the YouTHIN product line.  Our tea is packaged and   sealed in Dr. Miller’s clinic, so you can be confident that you are getting authentic, FULL STRENGTH, Holy Tea when you buy from us!  “YouTHIN” printed on the label is one confirmation that you have pure Holy Tea.

A7a. Holy Tea should be taken with food to avoid cramping and to aid with breakdown and digestion of food. We recommend starting with 8 oz at breakfast and 8 oz with the evening meal. You may add 4 oz with lunch and snacks, if desired.

A7b. If on other medication, you should discuss Holy Tea - as well as other herbal supplements - with your physician. Holy Tea should be taken no less than 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking medication.

A7c. According to Dr. Miller, our body does not properly digest food – there is not enough acid in our stomachs to do the job.  By drinking Holy Tea with meals, it helps to break down food so it is better digested, which promotes more effective absorption of nutrients.  Additionally, when incomplete digestion occurs, putrefaction (rotting and decay) will take place and the body absorbs its own toxic waste before it can be eliminated.  Bottom line:  A clean system will absorb more good vitamins and nutrients than a dirty, clogged system!

A8.  Color varies depending on when herbs are harvested. more...

A9.  Orders are normally shipped the same day if received before noon Monday thru Saturday.  Orders received after noon or on Sunday are normally shipped the next day.

All U.S. orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail and should be received within 2-3 days.  Orders shipped to Canada are received in approximately 4 to 7 days.  Receipt of orders to other countries vary.

Note:  Orders paid by e-check are promptly shipped once the check has cleared.

A10.  Yes.  Our webmaster assures us that PayPal and Google Checkout are the very safest methods for on-line payments.  PayPal guarantee’s security.  All credit card payments – whether online or by telephone - are approved through PayPal. Google policies

A11.  Yes.  Please see the “Bulk Order” tab for pricing.  You may also contact us.

A12. We no longer offer Gift Certificates online but if you contact us we can email you a gift certificate.

A13. Refund Policy:

  • Non Availability: If the ordered product is out of stock and Doctormillerstea.com is unable to deliver the product, a complete refund will be made to the customer. We shall not be liable for any other charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc caused due to non-delivery and non-availability.

  • Delivery Attempt: When Doctormillerstea.com tries to deliver the product, and is unable to do so due to either:
     - A wrong address or
     - Political disturbance
    In case a delivery attempt was made and could not be delivered due to either a wrong address or no one at home, or political disturbance no refund will be given.

    Organic goods - After failed delivery attempts the order will be cancelled and no further attempt will be made to deliver it. No refunds or cancellations will be made for organic goods.

An order cancellation will only be honored if the product has not been processed and shipped (Usually before the end of the business day of the order). Once the item is shipped there will be no refund.

In case we receive a cancellation notice and the order has not been processed by us, we shall cancel the order subject to a genuine reasoning.

Doctormillerstea.com has the full right to decide whether an order has been processed or not. The customer agrees not to dispute the decision made by Doctormillerstea.com and accept Doctormillerstea.com decision regarding the cancellation.

Organic Products - Doctormillerstea.com does not provide any warranties on the products it delivers.

Fraudulent / Declined Charges:
Doctormillerstea.com reserves the right to recover the cost of goods, collection charges and lawyers fees from persons using the site fraudulently. Doctormillerstea.com reserves the right to sue the recipient in case of fraudulent charges and denial of charges by the customer.



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